Loranzo Ladson
National Marketing Director

  • National Marketing Director
  • Multiple $1,000 Leadership Bonus Earner
  • Multiple $10,000 Dream Bonus Earner
  • $5,000 Bonus Earner
  • Sapphire Ring Earner (100K - 499k)
  • Costa Rican Champion Contest Winner
  • New Car Earner
"Understand that your team does not work for you . . . you work for your team. Leadership is everything and you can only lead from the FRONT!! Greatness is bestowed upon those that can bring Greatness out of others. People are your greatest asset . . . it's the people that make the company; not the company that make the people. I believe that if you practice these principles you can become one of the greatest Leaders ever!"
As a former banker, I found myself time broke and was not interested in a business opportunity. My attraction was to the ability to travel the world at deeply discounted prices as a travel professional and the tax benefits of a home based business. After experiencing a bank robbery in April 2006 I decided to make a career change and it was the best business decision I have ever made. Today I am a full time National Marketing Director with fully paid Major Medical Insurance, $2,000 Monthly LIFESTYLE Bonus, a FREE Car, 2 FREE Vacations a year, and I can spend time with my mother who lost the use of both of her legs.

I am truly thankful for the relationships of my extended business family who has provided me with unwavering support and understanding without interrupting my need to support my mother during her health challenges. I am committed to sharing this opportunity with those that are looking for a better life!